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Transferring the data from old host to for WordPress

Prepare the data from the old host to set up for WordPress.

1. Add a WordPress site. (Only if you haven’t created one yet)
1) Log in to for WordPress, and click [Server] from the menu on the left side.
2) Click [Add] as for WordPress option from [WordPress Server List ] on the right side.
3) Check [Add a site], and click [Next].
4) Enter a sub-domain name, a log-in password for WordPress, then click [Next].
5) Confirm the information, and click [Add] to add the site.

2. Import the content file stored locally.
Upload the WordPress content file data by SFTP.
Please make sure that the directory structure is exactly the same as it was.

3. Import the database stored locally.
1) Log in to the control panel.
2) Click on site thumbnail to see a larger view of the site.
3) Log in to [phpMyAdmin] at the top of the page.
4) Select [Import] tab at the top of the page, and then import the .zip data stored locally.

※If the database engine of the old server is not “Inno DB”, this operation is required.
※If there is an item named “Change to encoding format”, select “non”.

4. Set up nameserver to the domain host.
The method you use to change the domain name depends on the usage status.
Please confirm the relevant domain settings.
Please note that you can’t change a sub-domain’s name when you use  common domain.

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