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About Domain Transfer

The registrar transfer is procedure to change the registrar, which registrates and manages your domain.*1
If you transfer your domain to, all the settings and procedures related to domain can be managed together on our original control panel.
Transfer of the domain is totally different from changing the server name or domain name.
If you already have the server at, you can transfer the domain to it.*2

  • *1 Entity that conducts domain registration and management, by certified from ICANN which administrates all database of domain.
  • *2 In the case of domain transfer, the server cancellation at the old provider may require, depending on the agreement. Please confirm the contract first.

Check domain status

Check the status of the domain, and prepare the following points:
  • Do you have your AuthCode?
  • Is transfer lock disabled?
  • Is expiration date no more than 15 days?
  • Is the e-mail address of the manager account valid?


You can request your transfer on the admin page. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up from here.

Transfer Request

Enter the domain name you want to transfer, then click [Continue] button. You can request various domains at the same time.

Proceed to Approval

We will send an email confirming approval of your request and introducing payment options. Please confirm it and proceed to next. If the new registrar approves your request, transfer is completed. When the transfer completed, we will notice you via email you registered.

Transfer Price

Free to transfer .vn domain to

Generic Domains (gTLDs) Price
International Domains (ccTLDs) Price
New Domains (NewgTLDs) Price
  • * All price does not include tax
Transfer Your Domain Please sign in before you apply.
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