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Chuyển WordPress sang

Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese. ...

Flat Rate and Options for WordPress can be used from one hour. For service charge, pl ...


Initialize WordPress Admin Password

You can initialize the WordPress admin password as follows: 1. Clic ...


Resorce of WordPress

For resource of WordPress, WordPress Codex is available as WordPress o ...


Maximum Number of Servers to be Used

One WordPress is pre-installed as a standard. You can add more with th ...


Multi-Site Function of WordPress

This is the feature which manages the multiple WordPress sites at one ...


WordPress Update for WordPress provides auto-update for WordPress to maintain the ...


Automatic Update of Themes & Plugins

We don't provide auto-update for themes & plugins since it may cau ...


Setting Up a Time Zone for WordPress for WordPress is ready to use as soon as the registration is com ...


WordPress Security

At for WordPress, the whole system is dedicated to providing a s ...

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