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I made a mistake in the visit schedule and I want to delete it. Is there any way to do so?

You cannot delete it from the admin panel.  Please delete it from the ...

Visiting History

Can I put links on the Timeline?

They cannot be attached as links, but they can be displayed as text.   ...

Visiting History

Up to how many characters can I use in Visitor History?

You will be able to enter up to 100 characters (skipping to the next l ...

Visiting History

Is it possible to change the time of a push notification for a scheduled visit?

It will require a fee, but it's still possible.  For more details, ple ...

Visiting History

When will the push notification for a scheduled visit be sent?

Push notifications are automatically sent at 8:00 pm on the day before ...

Visiting History

How do I enter the date for the schedule of my next store visit?

From the calendar on the previous screen, select the date of your choi ...

Visiting History, MyStoreApp

Appointment Registration

You can record appointments in visiting history on the management scre ...

Visiting History

Recording Visits

You can record visits in visiting history on the management screen. Y ...

Visiting History

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