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I set links on my image slider, but the web pages are not opening.

If katakana was used in the URL, they may not open properly. Copy the ...

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I added links to my image slider, but the web pages are not opening.

You might not have changed the URL in the pulldown to the left of the ...

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How do I add or change features on the app?

Your request may or may not be granted, depending on its content. Firs ...

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How do I copy content from the app?

Unfortunately, text and photos in the app cannot be copied at the mome ...

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When I open Youtube from the app on my Android device, the video does not play.

You will not be able to play Youtube videos using Web links in the And ...

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Retaining Information After Reinstalling the Application

When uninstalling and reinstalling the application, information from t ...

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Using Beacon

Please confirm the following when using Beacon (Stamping Machine) 1. ...

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Delivery of Content

The servers may need more time to transmit push notification, coupons, ...

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nil Displays

If "nil" is displayed when making new News or Menu entries, this is be ...

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