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While searching in free time, I tried to retrieve all previous data without entering any dates. No results appeared.

If no date is selected, results will not be displayed.  Please enter the dates and try again.

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If I change the number of stamps through Beacon, when will it take effect?

The setting for stamps is checked once a day at midnight, so your chan ...


How do I set the time for Beacon to be used?

You can set any time from 00:00 to 23:59.  However, it is still not po ...


Is the Beacon device for sale or for rent?

Beacon devices must be purchased.


I’ve already introduced the app to my customers. Can I still add the Beacon feature?

It will require a fee, but it's still possible.  For more details, ple ...


Will the wireless stamps be sent in succession?

Wireless stamps are transmitted in 15 second intervals, so they will n ...


Will the wireless stamps be sent, no matter which page of the app is open?

The wireless stamps will only be sent if you are holding out your stam ...


Even if I hold out my stamp card screen to the Beacon device, there is no response.

Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned ON, so that you can use the Be ...


What device specifications are required to use Beacon?

Please note that the operating environments of the app and the Beacon ...

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