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If you already have`s domain and have been using other`s rental server.

Follow the steps below to transfer your website.
1. Sign up for`s shared server service.
Go to`s control panel and 〔Web Hosting〕 to add`s shared server.

2. Set up your original domain.
After adding`s shared server, login to cPanel, click on 〔Addon Domains〕 below 〔Domain item〕 and set up your original domain.

3. Register DNS record.
It will be automatically set by DNS automatically setting up, which is required for using cPanel.

4. Preparing web site and email account.
Transfer your website data and email account from your previous host to`s shared server. Your hope page address will be look like as follows.
Public URL of the web server: Original URL:

Contents data placed: Original content/home/ss[Number]/www/
CGI Content data /home/ss[Number]/www/

Your transfer is completed at this point, but please note the below.
* Since changing DNS information usually takes 24 to 48 hours, it is important to keep your old service active for at least three days after the change,

5. Cancel your old hosting service
You can cancel your old hosting service after fully completing the all steps above.

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