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Category : Web Hosting

Webalizer FTP

Webalizer FTP is a statistical program creating various charts and gra ...

cPanel Settings

Analog Statistic

Analog generates a brief summary regarding all users that have visited ...

cPanel Settings


Awstats visually indicates statistics about visitors.

cPanel Settings

Access raw

It enables you to see users who have visited your site without showing ...

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This function shows the amount of bandwidth used in a site. It shows ...

cPanel Settings

Installation of WordPress

You can install WordPress with WebApplication. In addition, we provid ...

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SSH account

SSH enables you to transfer files safely on Internet and logon servers ...


Static IP address

Static IP address is available. You can use it soon after you logon t ...


Access Restriction

We provide a function of Access restriction in Control Panel. Limitat ...


Set up FTP account

1 Logon cPanel and select [FTP account] in the file section. 2 Fill o ...


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