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Category : Domains

WHOIS Privacy Protection

Domain owners are required keep WHOIS data of their domain names corre ...

Whois Protect

Update WHOIS Contacts

The registrant, Admin, Tech and Billing contact details for any of you ...

Whois Protect

Host Setup

You can set up the host to use a name server for name resolution. 1. ...

Name Server

DNS Record Setting

A list of DNS will be displayed at DNS section. You can check th ...

Name Server

Change Name Servers

Changing name server is required in the case below: In case you wish ...

Name Server


By utilizing the GeoDNS feature, you are able to add [A record (basic) ...

Name Server

Domain Transfer Lock

This feature helps to prevent an unauthorized transfer of a domain fro ...

Transfer a Domain

Check the Status of a Domain Transfer to Domain

You can check the status of a domain name transfer to Domain. 1 ...

Transfer a Domain

Request a Domain Transfer to Domain

Client can transfer domain from other registrars to Domain. Ent ...

Transfer a Domain

Domain Renewal

If you wish to use your domain after the expiration date, you should r ...

Register/Renew a Domain

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