"Short name, easy to remember, high value"

What is a Premium Domain?

Premium Domain is a domain name that is in demand in the marketplace. and will have a higher price than normal domain names There are many factors that cause the value of domain names to vary in price. Some domain names have a value as high as millions of baht.

For example, the number of characters (The more you vibrate, the higher the value), it's a keyword word, a name that's easy to remember,Vocabulary that is trending around the world, etc.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is the difference between premium domains and general domains?

    Premium domain names are shorter, more memorable, and generally more unique. or specific words like etc. So these domain names can be hard to find. Common domain names are domain names that have never been registered before. Popular TLDs are .com .net

  • Is the premium domain renewal fee high?

    Not high, because in most cases premium domains renew at the regular price of that TLD.

  • Why are premium domains so expensive?

    This is because premium domains are short, highly popular names. which has important keywords And because of this, it has a relatively high market value.

  • Is purchase a premium domain worth it?

    Definitely worth it. This is because premium domains have names that are short and easy to remember. Makes brand building easier Including good results in doing SEO

  • Will I definitely receive the premium domain name?

    We cannot guarantee that you will acquire the domain name if you purchase premium domain services. Due to the fact that it will take 1 to 60 days. The domain can be put up for auction and registered with a different service provider.

  • For premium domains, which TLD are available? offers the following 7 TLDs for premium domains: .com,.net,.org,.biz,.info,.asia, and .mobi

  • What is the price?

    Each domain name has a different pricing for a premium domain, which you can view on the website. In addition, you can check the price during office hours by contacting customer service representatives.

  • Methods of Payment?

    You are free to choose any payment method you like, such as credit card, QR code, or money transfer.

  • Can I stop using the premium domain service?

    We regret to inform you that if you have already made an order for our service and it is still being processed, or if you have already obtained ownership domain, the company is unable to cancel orders or issue refunds. however, the purchase is not successful, we suggest that you contact us to obtain a refund.

  • What is the price of renewing a premium domain?

    The TLD determines the renewal costs for domains. Please check the renewal fees by clicking the link below, as advised. :

  • Can I use the Whois Privacy ?

    Whois Privacy is free to activate! manually via the Control Panel.

  • Is it possible for me to add an automatic renewal feature?

    In the account management, you have the option to manually enable the automatic domain renewal and link a credit card.

  • Will I receive the premium domain right away after purchasing it?

    After you submit your order and finish the payment, it could take one to sixty days for your request to be processed. As soon as the procedure is complete, your email address will be informed.

  • How do I manage my premium domain?

    You are able to manage your domain independently; this includes changing the domain owner's Whois data, managing NameServer and DNS configurations, and managing domain renewals using the Control Panel page. These are easily accomplished by yourself without the help of staffs.

  • Is it possible for me to buy several premium domains at once?

    Is feasible, however processing times vary by domain.

  • After purchasing a premium domain, can I transfer it to the third party?

    Is feasible. To notify us of your want to transfer your domain, send an email to