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Manage your domain effectively at

Do you think every domain management the same is? You can do manage collectively, such as configuration changes and renewal of the domain, and who will spread further usage in cooperation with related services by changing the domain management of the

Checklist for transferring your domain name to

Check the status of the domain, and prepare the following 5 points:

* The transfer is usually completed within 1-2 weeks after payment confirm. If the deposit was made by bank transfer or convenience store payment or the approval process was not smoothly completed, it may be taken time.

Steps for Transfer Request

For first time users

Please refer the following steps for members to request transferring after signing up to

For first time users

  • 1

    Sign In

    Sign in My

  • 2

    Click "Transfer"

    Click "Domain" and "Transfer" on the menu

  • 3

    Input a domain name

    Input a domain name which you want to transfer and click "Continue"

  • 4

    Follow the on-screen to complete the transfer request.Follow the on-screen to complete the transfer request

Steps for Approval

  • 1

    We will send an approval emai to the email address of Whois information.

  • 2

    Click a URL in the received email and approve it.

    * If you use credit card for the payment, it is charged upon completion of the transfter steps.

  • 3

    After confirming your payment, we will request the transfer to the registry.

  • 4

    The registry will request it to a current registrar.

  • 5

    The registrar will confirm your intent.

    * Check how to approve with the registrar. In some cases, the approval is not required.

  • 6

    The registrar will do a transfer approval to the registry.

  • 7

    The registry will inform us that the transfer is completed and then we send you a transfer complete email.

Transfer Price

Domaib Price
.com320 THB 288 THB
.net370 THB 333 THB
.shop1,300 THB 1,170 THB
.org385 THB 346 THB
.info500 THB 550 THB
.biz500 THB 450 THB
.mobi650 THB 585 THB
.me540 THB 486 THB
.co900 THB 810 THB
.pw600 THB 540 THB
.asia550 THB 495 THB
.club400 THB 360 THB
.link442 THB 398 THB
.xyz400 THB 306 THB
.click340 THB 306 THB
.site850 THB 765 THB
.space600 THB 540 THB
.online1,000 THB 900 THB
.website650 THB 585 THB
.pro500 THB 550 THB
.fun650 THB 585 THB
.black1,550 THB 1,395 THB
.blue600 THB 540 THB
.cloud650 THB 585 THB
.design1,400 THB 1,260 THB
.host2,600 THB 2,340 THB
.organic2,000 THB 1,800 THB
.pink600 THB 540 THB
.press2,000 THB 1,800 THB
.promo550 THB 495 THB
.red550 THB 495 THB

* All prices do not include tax

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