How To Manage Multiple Domains And Servers Effectively

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Have you ever found it troublesome when you manage multiple domains and servers on different providers?

At, you can easily manage them from one control panel. So you can register or transfer domains, build, develop and manage servers, much more effectively.

We provide three different types of servers: Shared, WordPress, Cloud server. So you can manage multiple types of servers at the same time.


For cost management to be effective, you can always check how much your total costs are on the “This month’s bill” page from the control panel.

So you’ll never get shocked with a large bill.


Needless to say, user can access to all services with one login ID and password. So there’s no need to remember multiple IDs and passwords.

The’s control panel supports multiple languages and you can easily switch from one language to another with one click. This feature is useful for company with multilingual staff members, company outsourcing IT jobs overseas, and also recommended for company plans to expand overseas in the future.


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How To Manage Multiple Domains And Servers Effectively

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