Under the "Z.com" brand, Domain and Hosting Services Launch

October 6, 2015 - Z.com, the global brand of Japan’s leading Internet services provider, GMO Internet Group, today launches Z.com branded domain registration and hosting services. Coinciding with the opening of Z.com domain and hosting brand in Japan and Singapore, the launch marks the beginning of the expansion of GMO Internet infrastructure products in the global market. Z.com plans to continue its expansion into surrounding markets including Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and Korea.


z.com domain


Z.com’s new domain registration services are backed by the expertise and trusted operation of GMO Internet Group. The first ever accredited domain registrar in Asia, today the Group manages more than 10 million domain names.
As a professional Japanese company, Z.com offers delicate and caring services to meet the various customers’ needs.




Z.com will provide a wide range of web hosting services at affordable price, including cloud-based and shared solutions as well as hosting for WordPress. All Z.com hosting products feature easy to use and high performance tools.

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Under the "Z.com" brand, Domain and Hosting Services Launch

October 6, 2015 - Z.com, the global brand of Japan's leading Internet ...


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