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Add a DB Server

Click on [Cloud] on the top of the control panel to move to Cloud serv ...

Application Server

Limitation on Use

Bandwidth limitations or a forced stop of server may be conducted in a ...

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Delete/Cancel Services

1. Log in to the control panel.2. Select the relevant service(VPS/addi ...

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Commercial Use

You are allowed to our services for commercial purposes.Please review ...

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Technical Support

Commands and configuration of VPS are not eligible for support.

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Control Inbound Ports

You can control which port to connect to inbound VPS server from the a ...

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Connect to DB Server via Designed Network

The's VPS and DB server can be connected each other via our desi ...

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Add a Private Network

You can add a network segment to build a private network by using VPS ...

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Add an Additional IP Address

You can add an additional IPv4 address(network segment which has the n ...

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Edit Records

You can edit the zone information of the registered domains at once.


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