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New domain names, new untapped potential

There used to be only a handful of top-level domains available, which is why businesses and individuals all staked their claim on the most popular ones such as .com, .net, .org., and the like.
But since 2013, over 700 new types of domains have come out, such as .web., .xyz. .shop, and more.

http://z.domain.com -> (New) .web .xyz .tokyo

Benefits of New Domain Extensions

Competition and Availability

With an ever-expanding web and millions of new websites being created, popular domains such as .com and .net are becoming more difficult to register. Some may even resort to paying more, just to claim their own domain.

Better Branding

New domain extensions can help you express your brand more effectively. An eCommerce site can have its own .shop domain to make it more memorable and meaningful to its potential customers. It enhances trust and brand image - and increase web traffic.

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