Reasons for Smooth WordPress Experience for WordPress

WordPress helps you build powerful websites easily.
You don’t have to worry about acceleration, security and updates, because “ for WordPress” is optimized for WordPress. for WordPress features safe and seamless WordPress site building experience so you can focus on site contents and updating.

What is for WordPress?


The structure designing for exclusive use of WordPress with high-speed SSD supports WordPress specific mechanism that depends on the database. You can enjoy seamless operation which cannot be provided with the regular HDD.

Easy to Use

All of the useful functions for administrating WordPress websites are set by default, which will help you with unexpected malfunction, mass production of websites and sudden traffic increase.

Safe and Trusted

You can choose oversea data centers that can secure digital data distribution to overseas.

Features on for WordPress

Smooth WordPress Experience

Full SSD for WordPress is specially designed for WordPress with the fast solid-state drive that boosts up the performance based on database (structure?). You can save time for WordPress acceleration. All you need to do is create the contents and updates.

Automatic Backup for Your Website

Free Backup / Free Restoration for WordPress offers you the safe data backup and restoration with just one click. They are completely free! So you can take advantage of the features anytime needed. The daily automatic backup can protect your website from unexpected malfunction.

How Many WordPress Have You Installed?

One-click site copy for WordPress installs WordPress and phpMyadmin automatically and finishes all the settings for you. will take care of all the troublesome works, such as installation, database setting, and so on. In addition, you can quickly copy your WordPress website to another WordPress by using the site-copy function.

Not Only Popular Websites Experience a Spike in Traffic

Scale out / Scale in

Every website has the possibility to experience a huge traffic. for WordPress automatically adjusts server resources in response to the website traffic which enables stable and comfortable access from the public.

Even Top Athletes, Simulation is Essential

Staging Environment

We provide staging environment for each WordPress site to test your website before publishing in order to see the operation and appearance. The final check can avoid taking unnecessary risks.
Staging environment can be transferred to the production environment with just one click.

Easy Use of Oversea Data Centers

Multi-region Correspondence

You can choose three regions from Tokyo, Singapore and the United States as your data center that can deliver your contents smoothly. The data centers are promised with the stable operation and the maintenance system at 24/7. We will add more locations in the near future.


Prices PHP426/mo
Initial Fee Free
Additional WordPress Unlimited
Disk Space 10GB
Data Transfer Unlimited
Multi-region 3 Locations


SSL certificate PHP70/mo
Additional Disk Space/10GB PHP43/mo
Unique IP Address/1 PHP192/mo

WordPress Optimized Hosting Makes the Best Environment

Auto Install/
Configure WordPress

WordPress, database server and other desirable features will be set up automatically. Once you have registered, you can use them right away.

Full SSD

The High-speed SSDs are adopted for all storages, and optimize WordPress environment. Take the advantage of our secure and efficient environment.

Common Domain

If you have no domain, no need to worry. We offer a common domain, where you can put any name you like as the subdomain.

Multilingual Control Panel

The control panel is easy to use and multilingual for your convenience. You can rest assured to use it. It has wide variety of features as well.

Scale Out/ Scale In

When the traffic rapidly increases, the system automatically control the resources of the servers. It makes the website access easier.

Create your own domain

You can use the domain that you already have, or otherwise acquire a new domain at Find the domain that suits your purpose.

Free back-up
Free restore

You can use daily auto-backup feature for free. In emergency, you can easily restore the data from the backup. It keeps your data for 14 days.

One-click copy of the website

You can easily make a copy of your published WordPress site. This feature is useful when you want to create multiple websites.

Cache System

To make the more flexible environment, the memory-cash system is available. It offers useful "cash clear/system off" features.


You can make accounts in both staging and production environment. If you outsource your website, our security will assure you.


It allows you to easily manage your database online, anytime, anywhere. You can access it using the Single Sign-On feature in the control panel.

Error Log

You can check the nginx and PHP error history up to 5 days ago for both staging and production environment.

Staging Environment

We offer the same environment for staging and production. So you can check the operation status before you publish the website.

Multi-region Correspondence

For a data center, you can choose from three bases : Tokyo, Singapore or the United States. We will add more locations in the near future.

Auto update of WordPress

We provide automatic update feature to keep your WordPress safe. This feature eliminates the hassle of manual updating.


If you are a first time user, no worries. For your convenience, we have professional technical support, free of charge. Feel free to contact us.

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