Domain forwarding: what you need to know

What is domain forwarding?

Domain forwarding is a convenient function that allows you to direct your visitors to a specified location on the web. There is a variety of places where you can choose to forward your domain to.

At, we offer domain forwarding services at no additional charge, as long as your domain is registered with us.

When should I use domain forwarding?

  • Misspelled domain names

    It is common for internet users to miss out on your website because of incorrect spelling. Forward commonly misspelled versions of your domain name allow you to reduce lost traffic.

    For instance, can also be mistaken for, or, etc.

  • Change of domain name

    Moved to a new website? Don't forget to apply domain forwarding to your original site, so that visitors who enter your old address will still be able to

  • Prevent misuse and misrepresentation

    It is recommended to get your domain name with its similar-sounding variants across multiple extensions, and forward them to your main website.

    This ensures that all these addresses only bring visitors to your website, and no third-party or competitor will be able to make use of them for unintended means.


  • What types of domain forwarding do you offer?

    We offer "frame forwarding" and "URL forwarding" respectively. In frame forwarding, the designated website can be accessed via the original URL when keyed into the browser's address bar. Meanwhile, in URL forwarding, the original URL will be changed to the new one in the browser's address bar. URL forwarding is recommended over frame forwarding as the latter option can affect your search engine rankings.

  • Can domain forwarding work on any website?

    Yes, you can set any valid website as the destination via your control panel, as long as the source domain is registered with us.

  • What are the advantages of using my own web hosting service over a free hosting service?

    It is possible to forward your domain to an existing website under a free hosting service to avoid having to pay additional for web hosting services. However, it is highly recommended to register for your own web hosting services if you wish to enjoy the added functions and features that come with it, such as SSD storage and having your own mail account associated with your domain name.